We "Cover" your requirements with quality.

MARGIO SA was founded in 1985 by experienced executives who had already more than 25 years experience in textile production. From the first moment it started it's activity in the Foodservice equipment branch (hotels, restaurants, catering). Soon, thanks to the variety and quality of the fabrics and the functionality of its proposals, it became a pioneer in the field, especially in manufacturing tablecloths, chair covers, curtains and special constructions. In 1990 by acquiring a work clothes production company with a 20 year experience in the field strengthened it's position in the market, covering with responsibilty and a variety of solutions all hotel departments and mass catering.

Today at our own spacious premises with modern equipment, trained staff and experienced technicians and officials, all the people of MARGIO, guarantee direct deliveries and high seam quality.

Our vision is to continue to innovate in order to remain your valuable partners, as we are all these years.


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